Able Planet Sound Clarity Active Noise Canceling Headphones

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Your Personal Sound Chamber! Award Winning Patented Technology designed to provide superior sound with no distractions. Country of Origin – China. With fifteen International CES Awards, Able Planet is a company founded on the principles of hearing preservation, enhancement and superior sound performance. The secret behind the advanced sound quality is a patented technology called LINX AUDIO. Originally developed for a new generation top-of-the-line hearing aids the LINX AUDIO technology alters the audio signal to increase the intensity of higher frequency harmonics. This makes it easier to hear words, music and sounds. The enhanced audio signal also increases the perception of loudness without increasing volume, providing full rich sound at lower volumes. Imagine being able to listen longer, fuller at lower volumes. Over 10 Million Americans have hearing loss because of excess noise exposure now you can do something about it.

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