DJ Beats Noise Cancelling Headphones

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New HIGH QUALITY noise CANCELLING wireless HEADPHONES from MANUFACTURER with built-in amplifier with volume control and microphone to handle phone calls;. Bluetooth wireless headphones with microphone;. High definition headphones with excellent isolation;. Deep bass , trembling sound effect;. Spacious ear cups with breathable cushions to provide natural fit;. Adjustable headband for more control;. Plug-in detachable audio cable, reliable connection;. Audio line-in- can be used as a WIRED headphones;. Audio line-out – can output audio to another headphones for SHARING;. Built-in microphone for HANDS-FREE telephone conversation; VOLUME and TRACK control; Built-in rechargeable battery for long hours playback; Micro USB charging Compatible with iPhone, iPad, MP3 Player, mobile phone, laptop.etc; Compatible with Bluetooth V1.1, V1.2, V2.0; Compliant with Bluetooth Specification v.2.1+EDR in 2.4GHz ISM band; LESS TRANSMISSION LOSS than wired connection; Audio Processor: 16-bit/32-bit run time configurable audio processor; Stereo Audio Codec: 16 bit stereo codec; BLUETOOTH TRANSMISSION DISTANCE: 33 ft indoor, 50 ft outdoor; The junction made of metal for long durable connection; The proper handling ensures the headphones to serve longer; For instance using two hands on junction folding or unfolding the headphones; (ONE year Warranty applicable for sold by HiQ Electronics ONLY).

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