Radius Noise-Canceling Ear Buds

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Noise Canceling radHeadphones is a Premium Stereo Noise-Reducing Ear buds that has a unique colorful metallic body with silicon ear buds. The Silicon ear buds comes with three different sizes (Small, Medium and Large) that fits smoothly inside your ears, allowing you to enjoy your music while reducing unnecessary noise around you. Ear buds comes with the 3.5mm plug extension. This stylish ear bud is perfect companion for your iPhone. It is also compatible with Notebook, MP3 players, PC, and iPod. – Noise Canceling up to 82%(15dB) of the ambient noise – Rechargeable battery: you can charge the battery using USB cable (included) through PC or plug. No need to buy battery anymore. Economical and good for environment. – last up to 33 hours with 2 hours charge – Monitoring function: when the noise canceling function is on, you can turn off the music with one button aside. Convenient when you want to listen to the announcement or outside noise.

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